Neon64 screenshot functionality

Final version of mod (for now) with rewritten pattern table restoration handling and palette fixes.

Persistent save state now works for much more games

Features of 0.3b mod compared to original 1.2b:

  • Temporary save state in Expansion Pak memory
  • Persistent save state in N64 SRAM
  • NES SRAM to N64 SRAM redirection (saving to Memory Pak can still be used)
  • Screenshot functionality (64drive USB)
  • Dither filter disabled


  • Expansion Pak
  • Dezaemon 3D SRAM (emulation)

Screenshots can be done with the following steps:

Screenshot from actual Neon64 emulator via 64drive USB
  1. Use L+R menu and select "Screenshot - 64driveUSB"
  2. Dump framebuffer via USB: 64drive_usb -d C:\your_folder\framebuffer.bin 1 0x300000 0x23000
  3. Convert to BMP: python neon64capture.py
  4. Convert to PNG: convert screenshot.bmp screenshot.png
Another Screenshot done via 64drive USB

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  1. How do I install it to my Everdrive 64? It doesn't replace the existing NES emulator.